Women Hiking Tips To Get You Started

“I can’t understand why men make all the fuss about Everest.”

Junko Tabei

This gem of words said by Junko Tabei who has become the first woman to climb the Seven Summits and is pursuing her goal of climbing the highest peak in every country is nothing but a ray of hope for women all-round the world.

As a woman have you ever thought to peak out of your house and look into the beautiful canvas painted with colors of joy, adventure, thrill, and a lot of adrenaline rush?

If NO is your answer, then you should sit and ponder on this situation of being trapped in handcuffs fancily named as a luxury, safety, and Home.

Let’s dive into the real talk now! Hiking might act as the first step to the emancipation from your comfortable dens.

But at the same time, it is not easy as galloping a piece of cake; it takes countless measures of assurance, preparations, and courage to step out in the wilderness.

Women often deprive themselves from participating in such adventures mainly due to safety concerns because how media draft that female hiker are attacked, or it is unsafe for women to hike alone. 

Although we live in an era where women empowering movements are taking place in its full force despite that, we may find a thick percentage of females being reluctant towards such an exhilarating sport like Hiking.

Another cause for this deprivation is lack of knowledge about circumstances, gears, essentials, safety procedures and a lot more.

Primarily, this article will help in encouraging the females to not stop them from the ecstasy experienced by hiking. And give it a shot to hike like a woman!

The Starting point

If a woman is hiking alone the most essential measure is preparing oneself mentally to be spontaneous enough to step out and hike.

Mental responses controls over the entire performance and physical ability of a person, therefore, a little pep talk may take you a long way. The ground tips for the first step includes:

  • If it is your first trip, then try to take it slow by hiking on a short trail. In case you’re a beginner and need an in-depth guide about Hiking then don’t forget to check out this guide.
  • Introverts may find hiking a way to meet the inner solace but if you love being surrounded by people then grabbing a company along the trail is highly recommended.
  • If you are paranoid of being caught by anxiety, then try to pick a popular trail, this way you will end up meeting new people with whom you can share your experiences, fears, and laughter of course because a joke or two never hurt anyone.

The Physical concern

Women often show reluctance towards hiking because of underestimation of their physical health which is wrong in many ways.

How can you say that you are not as strong any other man in the world? This is absurd right.

It is definitely not about being a feminist but realistic instead.

As a recent academic study proves that women are stronger than men resulting in flushing away their concern of not being able to hike on trails like any other man.

You can further look into the following advice for planning your hike:

  • If you are unsure of your physical ability, then choose a trail with multiple exit.
  • Eat well as hiking is an energy consuming activity, therefore, keeping calories at a high level is necessary. Granola bars, fruits N nuts, chocolates are the best snacks to munch on while on a hike.
  • Every woman’s major concern is getting fat; you do not have to worry about gaining weight when consuming high calories while hiking as this combo will never let your face obesity. That’s a promise!

Listing the essentials

Brainstorming and crafting a list is possibly the most time-consuming prep for a hiking trip.

When you are alone all by yourself on the trail and realize that you have forgotten an essential that regret is the worst that could happen.

Therefore if you do not want to mess up your hike and cry like a toddler on the trail then keep the below points in your mind:

  • Google is your ultimate companion for helping in preparing a list of essentials, so do not ring your neighbor’s doorbell that tends to have a friend who used to hike in early 90’s instead search your way through the internet, it is 2018 pal!

  • Packing light is the golden rule of traveling but packing inadequately is dangerous. In the wild, you might need anything thus list all the necessary items you may require.

  • Soak in as much information as you can about the trail, this will guide you in making a more accurate checklist for the hike.

Track your trail

Being prepared is the key to hike, for that you need to have an ample of information about the trail you will be hiking on.

  • Research about your trail.

  • What is the surface of the terrain you will be walking on?

  • Is the trail surrounded by any stream or lake?

  • Will the rainfall cause any sort of land sliding?

  • The ratio of encounter with any dangerous animal while hiking.

Skills to use the tools

Having tools to use sounds cool, doesn’t it?

But knowing how to use them correctly is what the real deal is.

An efficient hiker is the one who has the knowledge to use proper tools like, maps, compass, Swiss knife or even twigs and stones. Watching Bear Grylls light up a fire from scratch in the show Man VS Wild seems mad fascinating right?

Use the power of the internet to learn the skill of lighting up fire all by yourself because having a plan B is way better than weeping over a broken lighter in the middle of nowhere.

  • Learn about the signs present on the topo map in order to use it.

  • Search for the tips and tricks of using a compass.

  • Use your backyard as a practicing field for learning how to pull up your tent.

Gear Up Girl!

Hike and its gears go like pen & paper, they are inseparable.

Gearing up is the most vital part of going on a hike. You need to carry all the important stuff In order to finish hike like a boss.

Be it a backpack, water bottle, torch, camera and the list goes on. Gears may weigh a bit, but they sure make your trip easy, crazy and safe.

Get a properly fitted backpack because that’s where you will keep the necessary items. And make sure to get a women-friendly one, which will be comparatively more comfortable.

Furthermore, the list of essential gears may include:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Map
  • Compass
  • Water purifier
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Repellant
  • Match / Lighter
  • Headlamp
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Trekking Poles
  • Portable Stove
  • Hair Ties (for a woman that’s important)

Before leaving your house check the gears multiple times in order to prevent any mishap while trekking.

Encounter with creeps:

Solo female hikers have a greater chance of drawing unnecessary attention from the people around.

Encounter with creeps is way riskier than meeting a wild animal on the trail. But don’t you worry, because a woman can be equally bad-ass as any other entity. How?

We will let you know.

  • Disclosing about you being alone on the hike is definitely not recommended. Try to manipulate them by hinting them that you are with someone.

  • Never give away details about where you are headed to.

  • If you find someone following you, then take a break and let them pass by.

  • Do not use headphone to block out the worldly noises because being attentive is the key when alone.

  • It is advised to pitch a camp with a crowd, this way you won’t be disturbed by creeps and their unwanted stares.

  • Be extra prepared and click as much as photos as you can, this way if anything happens you will have an ample of evidence to counter the situation.

  • Oh and let us not forget to bring pepper spray and Taser. Because always being one step ahead is what women are known for!  


Trusting oneself is what is considered as essential for real.

Females deprive themselves from sneaking into the adventures of life just because of lack of confidence and guts.

Do not be that woman slouching on the couch watching a kick-ass movie about traveling and wondering “Why can’t I be that person?” You can be, you are that spontaneous chick how to have the ability to hike your way through the uneven surface of the trail just like you do every day hiking your way to the ups and downs of life. You Go, girl!



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