Who Invented Hiking? No One Ever Did That!

Today while sitting on a couch, planning for my next hiking trip. The question arose in my mind that “who invented hiking?” And this is something made me curious to know who actually discovered that crazy idea to walk miles and miles.

Well after doing my research I figured out “hiking wasn’t actually invented, you could say it was discovered.”

Now you might ask something like Okay, then who discovered it?

Philipp Bussemer from Baden once launched a tourist information center in the Black Forest at the end of 19 Century.

He captured the market attention by publishing hiking maps and guides. This ended up resulting people showing their interest that how can they explore some fantastic locations by merely just walking.

Sounds Cool right!, Philipp even believed that and was always strived to promote this culture of Hiking. He also lectured people and asked helped them figure out how much time will it actually take to finish a hike.

Philip is an excellent name in this industry and has helped the German community to discover Hiking.

Well now as we know this that hiking was actually discovered but aren’t we curious to know how it was a daily part of the life of the ancient people. ?
Don’t believe me?

Yes, we are right?

it was already a part of the life of ancient people, well at that time it was necessary to walk a long distance for their survival while after it was actually discovered its part of a leisure activity from that time.

Let’s just have a look at these two examples:

  • Armies traveled on foot through ancient trails like “Ridgeway” that is approx. 5,000 years old.
  • Ancient Americans used to explore their tribal areas to find out food and water for themselves.

Not only these two there are many more examples that back this fact that Hiking was a part of daily life of the ancient people.

Now as we’ve gone through how hiking was discovered and went through some other points; now let me tell you about some Historic Trails in the US, you would like to know.

Hike through these Historic Trails in the US.

These historic trails tell that hiking was a significant part of leisure activity that people actively participated in America’s history.

  • Pony Express Trail: Pony express is 1966 mile trail from St. Joseph Missouri to Sacramento, California. It’s the same trail where Pony Express Riders used to travel on horseback to deliver mails. The Hawley Grade Trail tests hikers when they attempt to reach the Echo Mountain Summit.

  • The Nez Perce Trail: It is 1170 miles long starting from Wallowa Lake, Oregon and ends at Bear Paw Battleground in Montana. This was the route of Nez Perce natives as they attempted to escape and head into Canada in 1877. That trail is still considered sacred by the Nez Perce.

  • Lewis and Clark: Are you a fan of Lewis and Clark expedition tale in 1804? Then you might want to follow their hike. It starts from Missouri River and ends at the Pacific Don’t forget this is one of the important Historical Trail.

  • Gettysburg: You can find 17 miles well-maintained trail in this historic trail system.

  • Washington Crossing:  Some of you might know that George Washington along with his army crossed Delaware in 1776 in order to attack the British. But do you know that you can even hike the same trail from Delaware to the 1740 building?

  • Appalachian Trail: The very well known and very popular trail among hikers. Benton MacKaye suggested the idea for connecting the highest mountain in England with the highest mountain in the South through the Appalachian Trail. This idea was implemented and completed in 1937. This trail is 2179 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine.

  • Continental Divide Trail: This trail is a collection of different pathways from Mexico to Montana. It is about 3100 miles from Mexico to Canada.

  • Pacific Crest Trail: This trail is 2650 miles long. Pacific Crest is one of the longest hiking trails in the USA. Clinton C. Clarke suggested the idea of this trail in 1932.

We covered a lot, but how about getting to know about the types of hike one should go? So you can pack your bags and plan your next hiking trip accordingly.

Even if you’re a complete beginner here is a good news for you too. We got you covered, read the guide for hiking for beginners here.

Types of Hiking

What? Even hiking has types?

Yes, it does.

But how do you choose which one is for you? Well, it entirely depends on your moods, time and the distance you want to complete a specific hike.

Without any further delay, let’s dig in.

Day Hike

Don’t want to spend a day completing a hike? Or just want to escape from reality and want to go on a short hike? Then day hike is just for you.

Day Hikes are also called short hikes. These hikes can be completed within a single day, without worrying to spend your night with the wild animals.

In this hike, Hiker’s usually carry a small backpack with them generally having water, some snacks and First Aid kit with them. (Not a fan of carrying tons of gears on your back? This is a plus point for you.)

If you’re a beginner and looking to build your skills in hiking than you might consider starting with these short hikes.

Overnight Hike

The name speaks for itself. Do you enjoy more staying outdoors or you’re someone who wants to enjoy a trip to the fullest and want to go on long hikes instead of short ones?

Congratulations then, this type of Hike got your back.

You can just do one thing! You can set up a base camp, and then you can travel to and from that specific location for your day hikes without the need for carrying a lot of gears on your back.

You don’t need to worry about going back home because you can stay overnight in your favorite hiking location. YAAY!

This sounds overwhelming, but planning for overnight stay may require proper planning considering other measures like safety and comfort.

Section Hike

A section hike is when someone decides to hike a specific section rather than hiking a long distance trail at once. In short when a person chooses to walk a long trail in different parts, like one part today and other tomorrow or maybe next week.

It totally depends on the hiker himself how he chooses to hike. Depending on the trail length a section hike might take a day or a month to complete.


A thru-hiker is someone who starts hiking at the beginning of the trail and covers all the way through to the end of the long-distance hike. Depending on the trail length, it might take days, weeks or even months to complete a thru-hike.

Mainly thru-hikers aim to complete a trail (no matter how long it is) without taking a break and finishing it all at once, no matter whether it takes them weeks or months to complete it.

Thru-hiking is also called “end to end Hiking.” Some of the great trails to thru-hike are; Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail.

If you’re planning to go to through hike, then proper planning is a must. You need to take care of how much supplies you’re carrying with yourself and how will you restock them when you’re on the way, E.T.C.

Woah we covered a lot, that’s all for this post.

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us in the comments did you know about the information shared above? And what type of hikes do you like and why?


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